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Application Platforms as a Service (aPaas) dramatically change the way software solutions can be created and delivered. Always available tools minimise detail coding to only where it is essential and provide rapid design and build capabilities for information sources, storage, business logic, workflow and advanced user experiences.

 We can work immediately with your business teams using pre built solution components to map your required business capabilities to existing or new solution capabilities. 


Solutions and Services

Rapid Application Delivery Platforms


By using the best Rapid Application Delivery Platforms we can concentrate on delivering the solutions you really need with early visibility to enable us to shape the solution together. Combined with our Capability Mapping approach we can ensure your required business capabilities are fully understood and referenced throughout the process. 



OutSystems Platform for Complete On Premise, Cloud and Mobile Applications

Lisbon, Portugal

OutSystems provides a low-code rapid application development and delivery platform that enables seamless integration of custom code. Combine speed with custom for the best of both worlds. Integrate with all of your existing systems and data sources and maintain order with built-in management and analytics.

Supports the move to continuous delivery to respond to emerging business needs.


Neptune Software Fiori® Apps for SAP to access, simplify and extend your SAP Applications

Oslo, Norway

Neptune provides the most cost efficient and secure way to make any SAP functionality available in user friendly interfaces on Phone, Tablet and Desktop.

Being the only solution on the market that directly leverages SAP’s own source code ABAP, Neptune Software maximizes the use of your existing SAP set-up, while minimizing the need for integration.

Mobile application provide offline capabilities. 

The platform license includes more than 80 pre built apps.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and PowerApps for Enterprise for Mobile, Web and Internet of Things (IoT)Apps

Seattle, United States

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services - analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage. Enabling moving faster and achieving more. 

Microsoft Xamarin Online and Offline Native Apps

 Xamarin enables building native Mobile Apps from a single shared Microsoft C# development for Windows, Android and iOS. Xamarin has recently become a Microsoft Product.

microservices for SAP® Business Suite

Walldorf, Germany

 Making  SAP data and business logic easily accessible for use in composite applications. Industry and individual business specific microservices to enable solutions aligned with your business concepts and terminilogy


The platforms provide a range of components to enable the building of Cloud and Mobile Solutions integrated with your Enterprise Systems of Record. We  enable you to establish new capabilities by building the Systems of Differentiation and Innovation that delivery your unique business strategy. 


Component Architecture

Can Rapid Application Development tools deliver enterprise level solutions?

The minimal coding approach doesn't mean you can't meet your complex business logic needs. Full programming capabilities are available however well understood programming tasks are now automated which not only accelerates the build but also ensures consistency. 

simplicity does not precede complexity, it follows it ...
— Alan Perlis, Developer of ALGOL